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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is VoIP, Voice over IP, or Internet Telephony? 
2. What are some advantages of VoIP? 
3. What are the benefits of VoIP and converged voice-data networks? 
4. Is there a difference between making a local call and a long distance call? 
5. If I have an internet voice service, who can I call?
6. Can VoIP make and receive calls to/from PSTN lines?
7. Will my phone work if the power goes out?
8. Will faxing be affected by a VoIP installation?
9. Can I use VoIP for all my phones?
10. Can I call 911 in a power outage situation?
11. Can I take my VoIP phone or phone adapter with me when I travel?
12. Do I need a computer to make/receive VoIP calls?
13. Can I surf the web or send/receive email during VoIP calls?
14. How much bandwidth do I need? 
15. What type of service and equipment are needed for VoIP deployment?
16. What are VoIP service providers (VSPs)?
17. Should I use an ATA or an IP phone?
18. What is an auto-attendant?
19. What are IP-PBXs?
20. What are VoIP gateways?
21. What is a codec?
22. What is the relationship between codec and VoIP?
23. What are VoIP signaling protocols?
24. How much bandwidth does a voice call use on my IP network?
25. How do firewalls affect VoIP?
26. What are FXS and FXO?
27. What are Gatekeepers and Registrars?
28. Does the FCC regulate VoIP?
29. Does the CRTC regulate VoIP?
30. Does voice quality have a rating?
31. What are the QoS issues of VoIP?